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LSNA Rules 2017-18

Author: A Murphy, C Pearce, D Baines, E Bottomley, 12/07/17

Rules for the Leeds Schools Netball Association 2017-18 announced


Version 1.1


The 2018 Rules Book Supplement now applies (9/11/2017 onwards)

2018 Rules Book Supplement (PDF)


For any queries with regard to the rules or the leagues, then please contact the league secretary viae mail.

1. The league shall be run according to the Rules of England Netball. 2. All schools need to be affiliated to the AENA 3. All teams competing must be affiliated to the L.S.N.A; by attending the AGM. 4. All teams competing must be affiliated to the L.S.S.A  5. All teams applying to join the League will be placed in the appropriate division at the discretion of the L.S.N.A League Secretary. 6. The teacher in charge of netball at each school has the responsibility of familiarising themselves with these rules, adhering to them and regularly checking the website for amendments and changes.

League Entries & games

i. Players may only play for the school to which they are on roll. ii. A and B teams in the same division must play their match before Christmas iii. All matches agreed by the two schools MUST be played on the stipulated date and time. Failure to do so without good reason will result in points only being awarded to the opposition. If 2 further dates have been offered by the cancelled party and not met, then the canceller forfeits the points iv. In the event of a team claiming points due to the other team cancelling the score will be 10-0.  But in the event of a tie at the end of the season this game will be void. v. In the event of a tie on results the final standings will be decided on the result between the tied teams, then goal difference and finally goals for. vi. When cancelling matches you must do so before 11am otherwise you may be liable for 50% of the transport costs vii. Teams must play at least 50% of their fixtures and submit their results. Failure to do so may result in the team (age group specific) being unable to enter the league in the following season. viii. League matches will be a minimum of 24 minutes to be played in halves or quarters as agreed by both members of staff. ix. All teams must be accompanied by a member of staff unless prior consent has been gained from the opposition x. Complaints received with regards to the bad behaviour of a team or spectators during a match will result in action being taken against them by the L.S.N.A. In the event of two complaints, regarding separate instances, then the offending team may be asked to withdraw from the league. Complaints in writing should be received within seven days of the match. xi. Staff are responsible for the behaviour of the parents that are supporting their school.

Contacts i. It is the responsibility of the school/PE staff members in each school with netball responsibility to keep the Secretary updated with changes of details ii. Members should be aware that the website is used for communication of key information, and that dates and other matters may be publicised there that are not on an email

Safety i. All schools must have an up to date risk assessment in place for away fixtures; including transportation ii. It is the responsibility of the host school to have an up to date Risk Assessment on the playing area and to inform the visiting school(s) of any areas to be aware of with regards to the courts and surroundings. iii. If a late decision needs to be made with regards to the match(es) going ahead and both teams are present, it is up to the host school to make that decision; with the safety of the players and umpires being of paramount importance. iv. All schools must bring with them a suitably stocked first aid kit to matches and tournaments 

Media and Video i. Any teacher wishing to film gains consent from the other teachers involved prior to the start of each game; preferably via email in advance.   ii. Filmed material is only used for teaching purposes and not placed on social media or websites.   iii. That all teachers check whether their own students have consent for photography and filming.  iv. Filming should be recorded only on a school device.


i. Teams are responsible for providing their own umpire. ii. All matches are to be umpired by two umpires unless agreed otherwise. iii. Any team arriving at a fixture without an umpire must forfeit the points for the game. iv. Staff must not coach teams whilst umpiring, unless agreed otherwise by both parties prior to the game commencing. v. If pupils are umpiring league fixtures and tournaments they must be at least Y11 and have completed the Youth Umpire Award. vi. Schools may allow pupils who are at least Y11 and competent to umpire friendly matches as long as both parties are in agreement.

Movement of players 

i. From a higher positioned team to a lower positioned team is not allowed. Unless permission is obtained by the committee before a transfer takes place. ii. If a player plays TWO times with a higher positioned team, she becomes automatically registered with that team for the remainder of the season (a tournament counts as once). iii. Schools that enter A and B squads in the same age group must adhere to the rules regarding ‘moving up’ of players, i.e. if a player plays up TWO times then they must stay with that squad. The 7 ‘A’ squad players must not ‘play down’. iv. Pupils can play in ONE league and ONE Invitation Tournament only v. Knockout cups – the Benfield Ford and the Black Prince, are exempt from these rules 


i. All games will be played on a full size court that is correctly marked and maintained as laid down in the A.E.N.A rules unless otherwise agreed by the staff concerned ii. Hosting matches – the host team assumes responsibility for the safety of the playing area as per that school’s risk assessment for the surface and activity iii. If any team arrives late over 30 minutes late for any league fixture, without making contact to inform their opposition of a delay, then the opposing team is entitled to claim the points for that fixture. iv. The use of ‘denying space’ (blocking), as a tactic is to be prohibited at years 7 and 8. v. Your attention is drawn to the following A.E.N.A. rules: - • No item of jewellery shall be worn. If a ring is worn it should be taped. • Fingernails will be cut short. Taped fingernails will not be allowed. • Appropriate playing uniform must be worn at all matches.


i. Results of the season’s matches to be sent to the League Results Secretary. ii. Any team claiming points must inform the League Results Secretary within 7 days of the fixture. They must also inform the opposing team of the reason for their claim so that they have the right of reply if they disagree with the claim. iii. Points will be awarded as follows: - WIN             5 points DRAW             3 points LOSS (over 50%) 1 point LOSS 0 points

Tournaments & cups

i. Organisers will try to give all teams the maximum number of games and length of time possible; as determined by the number of entrants; and the tournament format shall be structured accordingly to allow this to happen ii. Invitation knock out cups or tournaments at u12, u13 & u15 to allow all schools to enter if they have a small group of girls (eg Gateways, Fulneck), but big independent schools are excluded. iii. All LSNA schools may enter the U14 Benfield Ford and U16 Black Prince knock out cups – the winner of these is to organise the competition for the following year. iv. All tournaments to be organised to provide teams with as many games as possible, dependent on number of teams entered. Seeding, using the current league division places on the website, will be used to determine rankings. v. Winners of the tournament or knockout cup that year are responsible for organising and hosting the tournament for the following year vi. In tournaments, all losing quarter finalists and semi finalists and 3rd/4th play off teams are to stay and umpire the next round of the competition –leaving the tournament without first ascertaining that you are not needed to umpire the next round may result in a £20 being levied to that school vii. The results table must be manned at all times by a member of staff that is capable of dealing with any issues that may arise. 6th formers may run the tournament but must always be accompanied by a qualified member of staff, who must be present at the tournament for the duration. viii. For an infringement of any of the above rules, will result in the points being awarded to the opposition.


i. Girls who are already playing representative netball in the county setup – i.e. satellite or county squads are not eligible to be sent for district trials. ii. Only girls from LSSA registered and subscribed schools may send girls to district trials. iii. All information regarding the trials weekend dates will be posted on the website. Schools must ensure that the Trials Co-ordinator is notified as to names of entrants they are sending for trials. iv. In the event of an injury or illness preventing the girl from trialling on the planned date, she must attend the trial to register her presence, and then be invited to trial as soon as possible at one of the early training sessions.

Any matters not covered by the rules will be decided on by the L.S.N.A.

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